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Down Arrow
Athletic Woman

we combine sports with the ability to regenerate your health

Advanced medicine for wellness, performance, and beauty.

ABOUT onyx direct care

We provide our patients with comprehensive care in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. We want our patients to have an enjoyable experience during each and every visit. We are here for you every step of the way.

Meet The Team

Dr. Christina Hector (4).jpg

Dr. Christina Hector

Dr. Hector is a former Division I track and field runner at Northeastern University and values the importance of health and physical fitness. Her comprehensive knowledge and experience allow her patients to be fully informed of their well-being and health.

Dr. Lamont Mitchell (2).jpg

Dr. Lamont Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell believes that compassion and education are the cornerstones to bringing out the best in his patient's health. Dr. Mitchell understands the importance of the link between the emergency department, hospital admissions, and aftercare once discharged from the hospital.


West Orange High School.jpg

West Orange High School


"Dr. Hector was so professional, reassuring, and pleasant! She made me feel comfortable and secure during the time I was there. I never pressured or rushed out the door! Thank you for being so patient and she also has a great smile!"

Deidre A.