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Hyfrecator - Diathermy



Do you have small lumps and bumps on the skin such as milia cysts, age spots, skin tags or warts that you would like removed?

Small growths can be found on both men and women and are usually harmless. They can be found on all areas of the body and may cause some discomfort for some or simply be considered as rather unsightly at times but thankfully they can be treated instantly with a quick diathermy procedure.

A diathermy treatment is a safe and effective medical solution that uses a small needle with an electrical pulse which essentially acts as a diathermy using intense heat to burn away small lumps and bumps from the skin. The heat produced by the diathermy needle destroys the tissue of the lesion often creating instant results. This treatment removes specific smaller lumps and bumps on the skin at a lower cost when compared to other laser treatments such as ablative laser.


Our West Orange hyfrecation treatment is perfect for age spots, skin tags, warts, milia and dermatosis papular nigricans such as in the picture below. The hyfrecator is used to rapidly and selectively destroy tissue by the passage of electric current through the tip of the machine as it touches the skin.

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra
dermatosis papulosa nigra 5
dermatosis papulosa nigra 3
dermatosis papulosa nigra 4
dermatosis papulosa nigra 2

hyfrecation treats the following

  • Milia Cysts

  • Skin tags

  • Age spots

  • Warts

  • Seborrhoeic keratosis

  • Comedones

  • Non malignant lesions

Hyfrecator Treatment Onyx Direct

procedure time

30 minutes

treatment price

From $

number of sessions



You may have a small scab to manage

back to work

Same day

timeframe for results 

The problem area will be removed immediately but the skin will take 2-6 weeks to heal depending on how deep the scab is

Hyfrecation Faq

Will it hurt?

The treatment is generally tolerated well. The pain is not significant and we offer local anesthesia or topical anaesthetic in the form of cream for each treatment as well as using ice packs and distraction with music to keep the procedure as comfortable as possible. Some patients find that having the local anaesthetic injections are worse than the treatment itself so prefer not to have it but of course you always have the option of having some.

Do I need multiple treatments for complete removal?

Generally your procedure will create near instant results. Once healed, complete removal is usually achieved. However, there are some cases where multiple treatments may be necessary.

Will there be a scar?

We take great precautions to minimise the risk of a scar. However each time the skin layers are pierced and broken there is always the risk of a small scar. Most people are happy to accept this risk and very glad to get rid of the lesion in question. Usually at its worst it looks like a small chicken pox scar if that.

Is there any downtime with diathermy treatments?

A light crusting of the treatment site will develop on the days following the procedure which will completely heal approximately 7 days post treatment. Generally the treatment spots are small resulting in only minimal impact on your day to day activities. Some dots or spots will be visible in the days following treatment.

Do I require a skin consultation for a diathermy treatment?

Yes, it is important that we screen your treatment areas before being treated with Diathermy. Appropriate clarification or diagnosis of the treatment sites prior to being removed is necessary to ensure a safe treatment. Subject to availability, it is possible to have your treatment on the same day as your consultation. Your consultation will be redeemable against the cost of your treatment.