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Verify Your Coverage

Give a call to your medical insurance provider and give them our tax ID number: With this you can verify if we are in network with your plan, that your plan is active, and how much you have left to spend for the year after deductibles. Few insurance carriers cover all medical costs and a balance on your account may result from co-payments, co-insurance, deductibles, or non-covered services. We will gladly file medical insurance as a courtesy to our patients: however, please plan on taking care of co-payments. co-insurance, and deductibles by the day of your appointment. Some insurance policies require a referral or pre-authorizations for office visits. tests and procedures. We recommend checking with your insurance company to make sure all services have been appropriately authorized. When possible, we appreciate having the referral in our office prior to your appointment.

Click the button below to verify your insurance coverage.

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