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Direct primary care is an alternative to the traditional health care model and a cost-saving solution for small businesses. At Onyx Direct Care in West Orange, New Jersey, board-certified physicians Christina Hector and Lamont Mitchell, offer quality, small business care services for self-insured employers. Call Onyx Direct Care to learn more about how small business care service can save your company money and benefit employees. You can also reach out online to receive more information.


Small Business Care Questions and Answers

​What is small business care service?
​For self-insured companies, membership to Onyx Direct Care can cut health care costs, and improve employee health and overall wellness. Health insurance can be costly for employers and employees alike. With the direct primary care model at Onyx Direct Care, both parties can save money and reap the benefits of quality health care without restrictions set in place by insurance companies.

​What are the benefits of direct primary care?
By offering direct primary care to employees, small business owners save money on health insurance premiums, while offering employees premium medical services. Direct primary care advantages include:

  • Lower overall health care costs

  • Longer doctor visits

  • Quality medical care and healthier employees

  • Same-day or next-day appointments

  • Preventive treatment plans to keep workers healthy and avoid chronic conditions

​Direct primary care members have 59% fewer emergency room visits, 30% fewer hospital admissions, 62% fewer specialist referrals, 65% fewer radiology exams, and 80% fewer surgeries, all of which equals lower costs for employees, and employers who provide health insurance.
Also, the average wait time to get an appointment with a primary care doctor using the traditional health care model is 2-3 weeks, with an average doctor’s visit lasting 15 minutes. Onyx Direct Care offers urgent after-hours visits when necessary and telemedicine services for patients unable to get to the office for appointments.
Which small business care services are most effective?
​Health insurance is expensive, leaving many small businesses unable to offer employees this workplace perk. Uninsured employees may overutilize urgent care, emergency rooms, and hospital visits rather than preventive medical care. Because of this, direct primary care often results in a $250 per month cost savings for each member.
Onyx Direct Care treats patients at risk of or suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, other chronic diseases, sports-related injuries, and chronic pain. They offer osteopathic manipulative therapy and other holistic treatments that optimize patient health and wellness.
With a direct primary care model, small businesses can offer employees Onyx Direct Care monthly memberships to keep health care costs low and maintain happier, healthier employees. The medical staff works with employees to help them improve overall health and prevent costly medical complications that could keep them away from work.
Don’t let high health insurance costs prevent you from offering your employees small business care services. Schedule an appointment with Onyx Direct Care over the phone or online today.

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